Thursday, March 10, 2011

After the break_Label redesign


You deserve some rest during Spring break! However, you'll need to start thinking about our next assignment, which is a label redesign.

You must redesign a label of any food or drink, using your own original imagery and their copy. You can use the company or product's logos though.

The starting point is to find a pretty bad label that needs to be redesigned desperately. Don't choose a good one, because it's always easier to redesign something in bad shape than the opposite.

That being said, find a badly designed label and sketch 10 new layouts for it during the break. You must bring these 10 different ideas on March, 22. Think of how the new layout will behave when on the product. Think of images and/or words that you believe must be highly visible. Think of colors, typefaces, proportions, and all the elements that must be present in that product's label.

On March 22, you also need to bring the product with its label on it to class, so we can begin to discuss the improvements your new design will bring to the product.

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