Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can you answer these questions?

Bring one final concept and the images you want to use to continue to work on your posters in class.

If you're still not sure how to define/find your concept, complete these sentences and see in which direction you want to go:

>______________ is a play about__________.
(your play) (write one or more nouns here)

Pick 3 different feelings or nouns to describe your play:

> ______________ is a story of _______________.
(your play) (write a feeling/noun here)

> can also be a story of ____________________.
(write a second feeling/noun here)

or it can also be a story of ____________________.
(write a third feeling/noun here)

For example:
Ocean's Thirteen is a movie about intelligence.
Ocean's Eleven is a story of leadership. can also be understood as a story of revenge.
or it can also be understood as a story of greed.

1. Choose one word = concept (it's the direction you'll follow).

2. Look for your word in a dictionary/thesaurus to find its exact definition and synonyms.

3. Look for symbolisms (the meaning behind symbols) that represent your word. (feeling/noun)

Don't be literal. Imply your concept in a smart way.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome class!

Hi there!
Welcome to ART316_Graphic Design II. I'm sure this semester will be a great one and that you'll be better and better designers as we go! Here's a little [welcome] inspirational gift to you: