Friday, February 11, 2011

AIGA Annual Competitions

Project#2_Final critique rescheduled


Like we talked last class, our final critique is going to be on February 22, and on Tuesday we'll have a progress critique. Remember to add ALL copy to your book jackets by Tuesday - text is an essential part of this project, so don't neglect it!

Work hard this weekend so we can see great projects on Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What to upload to your blogs_Reminder

Although some of you have been posting and uploading files to your blogs more often, they're still not where/what they're supposed to be. In your syllabus, you'll find the description of what your blogs should be.

All students in this class are responsible for creating and maintaining a daily/weekly blogsite that relates directly to your interaction with graphic design, illustration, animation and fine art. (This may also be in the form of a website should the student wish.) This type of online sketchbook/design book is in lieu of the more traditional paper versions associated with fine art (drawing sketchbooks.)

This design blogsite is crucial to the fundamental development of each student and how they think, process and experiment with outside influences as a designer. The blogsites are also an important design tool with regards to how students share creativity with others inside & outside the graphic design program. It also serves as a place to archive work for posterity. These blogsites will be viewed by others in and outside of the classroom, so be professional with the work you put into these online sites.

The student blogsite will count for 10% of the final grade, so it should be taken seriously. and Typepad are two examples of reputable sites where students can sign up for their services.

*No profanity and no adult content are allowed on any of the student blogsites. This blogsite is for this course only. You may wish to include work from other classes but it should focus primarily on the ART361 experience.


It is important that you update your blogs every week, so I've decided to break down the description above and make a list of what I expect to see in your blogs every week:

1. Your sketches (scan and upload all sketches required for the project). You might only have one post for sketches for the entire duration of the project --- it's okay if it happens.
2. WEEKLY UPLOAD_At least one Design/Art references that has inspired you for the project you're working on (it can be 2D or 3D designs, videos, etc)
3. WEEKLY UPLOAD_Research of similar projects (previous designs of the same subject matter - at least 5 - or designs that used similar concepts, etc)
4. WEEKLY UPLOAD_A weekly evolution of your project (by each Friday what does your project look like --- upload the jpg)

Your blog is an important tool to your artistic growth, so take it seriously.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book jacket_Creative brief

This time you'll need to write a creative brief and submit it with your design. The creative brief needs to be straight to the point, yet, contain all the necessary information about your project.

Your brief must contain:

1. A brief synopsis of the book. Three or four sentences will do. (Do NOT put the synopsis you're using in the actual book).

2. One short paragraph explaining your concept (the reasons why you chose those colors, fonts, illustration/photos, aimed for a certain mood and so on).

3. Your name

Book jacket_Need some inspiration?

let's do our very best!

also, try these websites:
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